Brammer Buck and Hickman awarded silver award for Corporate Social Responsibility

Brammer Buck & Hickman has been awarded with a silver certificate from the independent CSR platform, EcoVadis. The global platform, which assesses businesses against 21 key criteria, including environment, human rights, ethics, and sustainable procurement, honoured the UK’s leading industrial supplies specialist with the award in early September.

Brammer Buck & Hickman’s environmental and sustainable credentials were subject to scrutiny by a team of CSR experts from EcoVadis, who carried out an in-depth evaluation of all processes carried out by the company. Built around global standards such as those set out by ISO, Brammer Buck &Hickman’s certification demonstrates its performance in line with international corporate social responsibility standards.

Chris Nelson, Head of QHSE at Brammer Buck & Hickman, said: “We are thrilled to have achieved a silver certification for our CSR work. The assessment result places us in the top 9% of companies assessed – which is significantly above average in the sector that we operate in. For customers, this means peace of mind that they are dealing with a company that takes the issue of sustainability and ethical trading very seriously.”

Prior to the evaluation by EcoVadis, Brammer Buck & Hickman had to undertake a comprehensive and stringent self-assessment on its environmental and sustainable practises. This involved using scorecards covering 150 industry categories and 21 CSR criteria, which were then independently verified by a team of assessors.  The same criteria are used by EcoVardis to evaluate around 6,000 companies, in 95 countries, every year. This resulting certification offers Brammer Buck & Hickman customers complete transparency and reassurance when it comes to the company’s sustainability performance.

Silver award