Condition Monitoring Service

Our Condition Monitoring service gives your maintenance teams detailed information about the health and performance of your plant machinery. You'll be able to see when components or lubrication are deteriorating, so you can plan preventative maintenance to avoid costly downtime and expensive emergency repairs.

Our service is cost-effective, time-saving and smart alternative to reactive repairs and periodic maintenance. With the proven potential to save thousands of pounds in secondary damage, lost production and unnecessary maintenance - Brammer’s Condition Monitoring service is the proven, predictive maintenance approach.

We offer the following services:

Air Leak Audits
Thermal Imaging Survey
Vibration Analysis
Belt Alignment and Tensioning Checks
Shaft and Coupling Alignment
Lubrication Sampling

Why choose Brammer's condition monitoring services?

  • We have over 20 years of experience with highly skilled engineers trained in every aspect of Condition Monitoring.
  • We have in-depth industry experience across a wide range of sectors with a proven track record of realising cost savings for our customers.
  • All equipment used by our engineers is maintained to relevant industry standards and manufacturers’ specifications.
  • Our Condition Monitoring services can be individually tailored to your needs, depending on the size of your site and the number of assets and system boundaries that have been defi ned within the scope of work.
  • Our Condition Monitoring services provide your maintenance teams with the critical information.

We can tailor the service to meet your individual needs.

To explore how Condition Monitoring could increase up-time in your facility contact your local branch.