We care about the environment and we make every effort to reduce our impact on it and to promote good environmental practice.

Our approach involves:

Reducing our carbon footprint - our ability to drive efficiencies and energy savings across production activities plays an important role in responsible manufacturing. We also apply sound principles to our own work, always considering the potential environmental impact of our decisions and investments. Fully compliant with legislative developments nationally and internationally, we’re engaged in a number of workplace initiatives designed to lower our carbon footprint.

Improving energy efficiency – this includes the widespread use of energy saving lighting (adopted throughout our National Distribution Centre for example) as well as a closely monitored commitment to putting our equipment on sleep and standby mode wherever possible.

Making our distribution network as efficient, safe and environmentally responsible as possible – we’re committed to lower fuel usage, so we use overnight deliveries wherever possible and work with suppliers to make mutual improvements. We also encourage the use of company cars with low carbon emissions, and actively support our employees to use cycles, car sharing and public transport wherever possible.

Minimising packaging and diverting waste from landfill - here in the UK we’ve achieved a 60.4% reduction in the amount of waste sent to landfill since 2007 together with a 28.6% increase in the volumes of cardboard and 261% paper sent for recycling. To minimise waste we re-use boxes for internal transport and advocate reusable pallets over disposable. We’ve introduced more environmentally friendly packaging. Having achieved all this it probably won’t surprise you to discover that we’re ISO14001accredited in recognition of our environmental commitment.