Helping food and drink manufacturers with PPE

According to the European Agency for Health and Safety, “More than 3 million workers are victims of a serious accident” at work in Europe each year. In the UK alone the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) receives reports of “over 5,000 injuries in food and drink manufacturing industries” annually, which “represents about a quarter of all manufacturing injuries reported”.

These figures demonstrate the vital need to safeguard operatives within the food and drink sector, where the HSE reports causes of injury, including “slips on wet or food contaminated floors”, being “struck by something (e.g. sharp knives or falling objects)” and “food processing machinery”.

One key way for manufacturers to fulfil their duty to protect employees from injury is through the provision of appropriate Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) – but the sheer volume of products available can make finding the best solution a significant challenge. With an established history working with some of Europe’s biggest food and drink manufacturers, Brammer Buck & Hickman powered by Rubix has the sector expertise to provide support to specifiers, purchasers and operatives so they can select the right PPE products - and ensure those products are available when and where needed.

Brammer Buck & Hickman's full PPE range is detailed in its Industrial Supplies Catalogue which features the new, exclusive Q-Safe brand - a comprehensive PPE range providing a ‘head-to-toe’ solution for the food and drink sector. Compliant with all relevant European health & safety and quality standards, the Q-Safe portfolio boasts more than 80 different products, covering head, hand, eye, ear and respiratory protection as well as short-life clothing including coveralls, overshoes and aprons.

Brammer Buck & Hickman powered by Rubix also understands the twofold purpose of PPE within the food and drink sector. Not only does it safeguard employees, it also protects consumers by ensuring adherence to the sector’s stringent health and safety requirements. Brammer Buck & Hickman's specialist PPE team are well versed in all the legislation and regulations affecting the sector and so can recommend and supply the most effective solution for any application.

However, our support goes well beyond product supply, with a range of value-adding services to help minimise staff injuries and safeguard consumers. Examples include glove audits to optimise security, productivity and standardisation; risk evaluations of noise levels and recommendation of personalised solutions; and staff training in health & safety legislation and best practice.

Adam Ward, Product Manager explained: “We know that keeping staff safe and complying with regulations are fundamental priorities for food and drink manufacturers – yet we also know how much of a challenge it can be to issue the right PPE. By combining our sector expertise and PPE experience, we are able to recommend the best and most effective PPE solutions to our customers – in line with our ethos of adding value at every turn.”

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