Brammer Invend™ Delivers 45% cost savings

Our customer specialises in the overhaul and repair of jet engines for many of the world’s leading airlines and carriers. Their UK plant employs 900 employees and operates around the clock.

The Challenge

All inventory items were ‘free issued’ from a central store – often in multi-packs – resulting in a lack of traceability about who was ordering what, why and how frequently. Moreover, while the plant operated around the clock, the stores had limited opening hours, leading to rogue ‘stockpiling’ of products around the site. The net effect of this was a steady increase in spend, and little information with which to control this rise. Following a review, the customer selected Brammer as their partner on the basis of overall cost, reporting and payback.

The Solution

We introduced a number of vending machines to one location on the shop floor, and issued authorised staff with their own unique codes to access them. This gave end-users 24/7 access to some 70% of the plant’s most frequently used consumables (the remaining items were held centrally).

The InvendTM service was up and running quickly and delivered a number of key benefits including:

  • Greater accountability by employee
  • Greater traceability of consumable usage
  • 24-hour availability
  • A reduction in inventory costs
  • Automatic replenishment, so reduced stock-outs
  • Overall total cost reduction.

The Outcome

The system received positive feedback from the workforce, and within 3 months of being introduced had generated a 45% reduction in spend. The approach is also being used to showcase the customer’s commitment to efficiency and continuous production to visitors.