Brammer Invend™ - Industrial vending made simple

Brammer Invend™- Questions answered

Q. What products can Invend™ dispense?
A. Invend™ allows you to dispense a wide range of industrial consumables, including abrasives and cutting tools; personal protective equipment such as glasses and gloves; hand tools; janitorial and cleaning items; lubricants and greases; adhesives; health & safety equipment; and site maintenance and security products. We'll help you select from our comprehensive range of MRO consumable items.

Q. How many vending machines will I need?
A. We'll help you to understand the best products for industrial vending and work with you to create a machine and product profile that's right for your business.

Q. What does Invend™ cost?
A. We invest in providing the equipment and stock and also maintain and replenish it. You only pay for the items you use, along with a small monthly service fee.

Q. Why can't I get a live demo in my region?
A. We're rolling out Invend™ in selected areas, with a view to adding more locations on a regular basis. Leave your contact details on our Request a Sales Demo page and our Invend™ Demo Team will be in touch with you when it's available in your area.

Q. Who monitors inventory levels and manages restocking?
A. Brammer does it all. We use an automated process to alert us when stock reaches its reorder point and use your local branch to restock your machine.

Q. How does Invend™ control end user access to machines?
A. You decide which of your staff have access to Invend™ machines. We show you how to set up and manage designated users using our Invend™ Web Portal. End users identify themselves to the machine using a touch screen or barcode scanner and enter their unique PIN number to access products.

Q. How does the technology work?
A. With Invend™ we invest in providing the machine, software and initial product fill. All you need to provide is a power supply for the machine and suitable internet connection via an Ethernet cable.

Q. What usage reports do you provide?
A. We provide a range of usage reports as standard, allowing you to view usage by employee and cost centre.