NSK Self-Lube Bearings

NSK RHP Self-Lube Bearing
NSK RHP Self-Lube Bearing

The NSK Self-Lube® range of bearings are ideal for food processing, materials handling and agricultural applications. The range are mounted in stainless steel housing, with in built lubrication providing better resistance to corrosion.


These Molded Oil bearings are ideal for use in industries where frequent washdowns are necessary, optimum hygiene standards are needed, and good chemical resistance over a wide temperature range is important. The bearings are lubricated with NSK’s own oil-impregnated material consisting of lubricating oil and polyolefin resin. Oil is released on demand from this material, providing ample lubrication for the bearing over extended periods. This reduces the need for relubrication, extends the service life of the bearing, reduces downtime and delivers cost savings.

The units are ready assembled to bolt into place, so your designers can easily and economically solve specific bearing problems relating to component complexity, mounting, and also bearing maintenance and life in difficult environments.

NSK’s Life-Lube® and Silver-Lube® bearings also include Molded Oil technology.

To find out more about this technology and the range of NSK Self-Lube® products available contact your local Brammer branch.

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