Showcasing the latest Mechanical Power Transmission innovations

We’re bringing the latest innovations in transmission technology directly to specifiers with a new Sample Case which makes it simple to choose the right solution for your application.

Aiding understanding of the latest mechanical power transmission technologies, our Sample Case provides an in-depth overview of our full range of transmission choices – from Renold Synergy through to Tsubaki Neptune.

“Mechanical power transmission products are at the heart of any machine, so ensuring the best quality parts is critical to keeping operations running smoothly,” said Darren Smart, Mechanical Power Transmission Product Manager. “Our new Sample Case makes it easy for facilities managers to get to grips with the various transmission options available to them, essentially supporting them in keeping productivity on track.

“We see all too often that common machine faults such as tension problems and inadequate lubrication can bring vital machinery – and production – grinding to a halt. But by specifying mechanical transmission components which take into account their specific operating environment, these problems can be overcome.”

By selecting the best mechanical transmission products, manufacturers can benefit from reduced downtime, greater efficiency, better planned maintenance and extended service life. With 12 products showcased in our Sample Case, from the Optibelt Red Power 3 and Renold Roll-Ring through to the Gates Quad-Power 4 and Tsubaki Lambda, customers can be confident that they’re selecting the best quality products for their requirements, from an authorised distributor.